To Compete or not to Compete…

With the Pacific Top Team Competition quickly approaching Saturday October 22, 2016, you may be asking yourself this question… Why Should I Compete?

In jiu-jitsu there is no winning or losing. You either win or you learn. The focus is getting on the mat and testing your skills. A win means you’re on the right track. If you don’t perform as well as you’d hoped, you now have an idea of what techniques you need to work on to be more successful next time.

There is no bigger thrill than competing. If this is your first time, good for you! We believe everyone should compete at least once just to have that rush. You’re against an opponent who is at the same level, same size and same age bracket, and you get to feel the energy and the excitement of stepping onto the competition mats. It’s jiu-jitsu on a whole new level! Competing is exciting and nerve wracking but most importantly, the lessons and experience are rewarding, no matter the outcome. Train hard and trust your jiu-jitsu.

Testing Your Jiu-Jitsu
Our in-house tournament is a great way to test your jiu-jitsu in a safe and fun environment. Practicing techniques during class is one thing, testing them against someone else in a tournament is another! Competing is a great way to test your jiu-jitsu, exposes what you are doing well and highlights what needs improvement!

Should Your Child Compete?
Yes! This is a fantastic way for your child to build confidence and enjoy a new experience. Even more, it is a great way for them to understand that it is not just about winning or losing – you either win or you learn. Children in our past tournaments have had an incredible time competing and they keep coming back for more!

Written by Sarah Draht
Edited by Elaine Podovennikoff