Corona Virus Closure

Corona Virus Closure


Pacific Top Team Kelowna, West Kelowna, Penticton, Abbotsford are continuing to do their part to contribute to the relief of the financial burden the world is facing right now.

We released our initial statements regarding the virus not fully understanding the repercussions and impact it would have on the entire Country.

We have had several people reach out about holding or cancelling their memberships. We understand EVERYONE is feeling this.

As a result we have come up with a solution.

We are going to suspend memberships for anyone that requests it.
However, there is simply not enough time to suspend every membership that has emailed in before the next payment date (March 22nd 2020). We are working as fast as possible with the very limited resources we now have to accommodate all these inquiries.

What we ask is that if you or your family are in a position to continue to pay your membership through this hard time, and are willing to do so we will cancel future payments. This will help minimize the damage this will cause to our small business and ensure we are in a position to provide you services as soon as possible

If you lost your income and are not in a position to wait we will suspend anyone that emails in effective April 22nd 2020 forward.

This will give us enough time to ensure my staff is taken care of properly. Our goal is to think of absolutely everyone in this extremely hard time

We are doing everything we can to share all the burden that everyone is feeling. We are going to continue to deliver online workouts every day! We are still committed to do everything we said we would do in the previous statement. Example Seminars, Saturday kids sessions ect

We WILL GET THROUGH THIS as a community. This is something myself and Sarah have dedicated our entire life to and we are not throwing in the towel because of this virus. We will continue to fight for our team and members.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work through the emails. If you end up paying when you asked for a hold please document it and when we get through the initial emails we will resolve this will you. Please Email info@ptt“YOURCITY”.com

Stay safe out there everyone
We appreciate each and everyone of you

Jorden Reichenbach & Sarah Draht

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